Get a Bizi Card and Engage with Potential Clients like Never Before

Digital business cards are here to stay. They are a great way to consolidate and share your information and provide a much greater scope for content than traditional business cards... think personal microsite rather than business card.

Your potential clients will find it simpler to save your details to their device and easier to contact you with our easy to navigate interface (just scroll down) and user friendly buttons (just click to get in touch).

The primary focus of these virtual cards is to provide a single point of contact to make it easier for your potential clients to reach out and contact you, and because there are no limitations to the amount of content on your card, you can incorporate so much more that just your contact details.

Your Bizi Card

Bizi Cards are designed for mobile and still look great on desktop. Your card opens in a simple web browser so there's no need to install any apps, and you can share your card with anyone on any platform. No restrictions.

■ Branded in your corporate colours
■ Your company logo
■ Your personal photo
■ Name and position
■ 2 x content areas for your tag line, additional info, etc.
■ 7 x customisable buttons
■ 1 x download button
■ 4 x content blocks for your address, banking details, etc.
■ Contact form
■ Oprional add-ons


Your Biz Card is branded according to your corporate colours with your logo, profile picture and company designation.

Need a new logo or a revamp of your existing CI? We can help.

Contact us for more info.


The 8 customisable buttons can be used for any links that you can think of, but we recommend that you use one button to enable recipients to download your card to their device.

We'll program up to 7 buttons with whatever links or contact actions you'd like to have.

Need more buttons? Check out our add-ons.


Make use of the standard content blocks for your business tag-line and brief desciptions of your company, products or services so that your prospective clients aren't left trying to remember who you are and what you do.

Custom content fields allow us to add photos, galleries, additional information and even video to your Bizi Card.

Contact Form

Use our contact form as is to receive an enquiry and contact information from prospective clients straight to your email.

Ask us to customise your contact form and add extra text fields, drop-down choice lists, check boxes or radio buttons.

Reporting, Add-ons and Other Extra Features

Add Google, LinkedIn and Facebook tracking pixels for reporting and retargeting with paid ads.

Get up to 4 extra buttons and offer more interaction points and marketing opportunities.

Link Messenger bots for auto-responses or sales funnels that fire directly from a button on your Bizi Card.

Each extra feature typically costs R500 once-off or R50 per month.

Contact us for more info.

How Bizi Cards Work

Open Browser

Your card has it's own unique link that opens in a web browser. Cards can also be downloaded and saved to contacts.

Share the URL

Share directly from your browser (mobile). Copy & paste into any communication channel on any device. Add the link to your email signature. Endless possibilities.

Get Contacted

Potential clients have easy access to all of your contact info and a contact form at the click of a button.


Looking for reseller pricing? Contact us for more info.


7 / year

+ €33 once-off setup

  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Custom Branding
  • Up to 8 buttons
  • Remove Bizi Branding
  • Custom Domain
  • Add-ons & Unlimited Edits


37 / year

+ €33 once-off setup

  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Custom Branding
  • Up to 8 buttons
  • Remove Bizi Branding
  • Custom Domain         
  • Add-ons & Unlimited Edits


67 / year

+ €33 once-off setup

  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Custom Branding
  • Up to 12 buttons
  • Remove Bizi Branding
  • Custom Domain
  • Add-ons & Unlimited Edits

Tracking Pixels

Extra Buttons

Card Updates


Looking for edits, add-ons and extras?

Add Tracking Pixels, Extra Buttons, Unlimited Updates & More.
From €10. FREE on the PRO account.

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