03 August 2020

Why I Use A Virtual Digital Business Card

When I first started my web design & hosting business (Bizi Sites), I was pretty sure that the last thing that I would need would be a business card. I mean it's a digital business, right? I don't often meet clients face-to-face, my marketing campaigns all contain links with my contact information and my email signature has all the details a potential client would need to contact me.

So what changed my mind and why did I decide to go digital?

There's no doubt that not having a business card has been detrimental to my business. I've missed out on opportunities and been embarrassed whenever someone has asked for my card - scribbling down details on napkins and scraps of paper. Not to mention how unprofessional it made me look... which is a killer when trying to create a great first impression.

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Having a card become a business necessity for me, but I wasn't convinced of the value of having them (besides looking more professional).

It was starting to feel like a grudge purchase, because how many times had I thrown away other people's business cards, or used one as an impromptu notepad, or looked at the card weeks later without being able to remember who the person was, or what they did, because there wasn't enough content to jog my memory.

I knew I needed a business card but had major reservations about getting one.

That's why I started by considering what it was that I wanted from my ideal business card - sky's the limit - I listed everything!

I wanted a card that:
✔️ was memorable
✔️ represented my digital brand
✔️ was cutting edge
✔️ showcased my portfolio
✔️ engaged my clients
✔️ was easy to share
✔️ could be shared during Covid
✔️ helped to close more sales
❌ wouldn't cost too much
❌ couldn't be thrown away
❌ didn't get stale when I updated my details/portfolio

It was pretty obvious I needed to get a digital business card, which I assumed would tick so many of those boxes.

So I investigated. I searched, I researched, I tried more apps than I care to mention. Some came close. Some failed dismally. I learnt a lot, but mostly I learnt that if I wanted the right solution then I was going to have to build it myself.

And so Bizi Cards was born.