Get SOLUTIONS to Solve Your PROBLEMS without Compromising YOUR VALUES.

About BiziServices

We appreciate the value of efficiency and automation. 
We understand the fiscal rewards of effective marketing.
And we're passionate about design and technology.

At BiziServices we merge these affirmation statements with our core beliefs... the three pillars of our business.

Our Three Pillars


Embrace the Future

Because these days, you have to be forward-thinking just to keep up, and if we don't consider and try to  pay-it-forward, then who will?


Have Empathy

It is our ability to be empathetic that allows us to truly understand your wants, needs and pain points. 


Create Connections

Dots to ideas to people. And then amplify everything by connecting them together. The sum of the parts is ultimately greater than the whole.

Kicking Ass & Taking Names

If our ethos resonates with you, then continue on to view our services, and feel free to contact us... about anything.

Our Services



Own a Complete Online Presence AND Increase your Client Base with an Incredible Webpack from BiziSites.

Affordable packages or monthly subscriptions for Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP website design, domain & email hosting, company logo and Facebook page. Everything you need to BE PRESENT. Ideal for entrepreneurs, sole proprietors & small businesses.



Our Virtual Digital Business Cards look great, deliver your business information (and more), feed into a custom lead generation sequence and let you contact your card recipients first.

A Bizi Card tracks who has received your card and starts communicating with them before they have even used it to contact you, delivering warming content to build trust and making it more likely that a recipient will do business with you.



Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

Our Awesome Clients

I would like to say thank you..for what you have done for me and my business.

Two years ago I had something not sure what it was..some would say a disaster in a website. Your design turned my website into a master piece.

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me and my business.  Your work and dedication is phenomenal.

I have had nothing but positive feedback from my clients and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friends, family and my clients.

Kind regards Edward  

It's been a super experience working with them. And to be honest, I got much more value from them than I was expecting. They made it look like I invested a million bucks into my brand.

From the very beginning, they understood exactly what we wanted. We have received all round support at all times. With very honest and positive advice. We are truly thankful for the highly professional support.

They have provided us with key solutions that have unequivocally exceeded all expectations, with quick turnaround times, efficiency and an expert viewpoint.

We have huge gratitude for their direct result in elevating our brand. The individual connections nurtured over the years are highly valued and we look forward to our ongoing collaborations.

Not only did they literally double our ticket sales, our clients & visitors absolutely loved the interaction - this has set us apart from (and above) our competitors for sure. Would recommend wholeheartedly. Thank you!❤

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